Whether I am working on user interface for a website, app or on a design for corporate ID, I connect with the same passion for visual design that has propelled me in all my projects as a professional designer. I deeply care how things look. If it is not right, it really bothers me and furthermore, if it is out of the scope of what the user or my client needs, it is that much more unacceptable.

I am a visual designer and also an information and experience designer. Coding is an essential part of my design vocabulary. When designing user interface, it is essential to know how coding works. I keep up-to-date with the latest coding and UX/UI innovations. I love this aspect of technology in that it keeps us moving forward unattached to what we have achieved previously.

It’s not only about career, clients and money. My personal life is also characterized by design….and sound too. I am a photographer and also a figurative artist. I do charcoal and pastel drawings. And I compose music and play guitar.


Photography is design. I can’t imagine designing without being a good photographer.

Figurative Drawing

Drawing is unequivocally essential for graphic design, architecture, UX, UI, branding, videography, etc. I have always been engaged with fine art but starting in 2012 I started to passionately study the human form. Here is some of my work.
See more of my work at or on my Instagram page @kennethjayross

Music Composition

Music is my other half. I have composed music since i was a teenager. Here are some of my tracks.