Terra Nova



for Social Change Leaders

We work with leaders of social benefit organizations and triple bottom line companies who are working towards the creation of a more just, more humane, more spiritually conscious, and environmentally sustainable society.

building trust

Building Trust

in Relationships

We believe that all organizations and groups work more effectively and ultimately more sustainably when there is a conscious movement towards building trust in relationship – with oneself, with others and with the natural world.



Thinking & Learning Together

We support organizations to engage in deep dialogue to think and learn together in order to overcome barriers and harness their full strength and resources for the activation of their organizational mission.

Why Terra Nova?

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“A human being is only a human being in the context of the natural world.”

— Grandfather Fire

We believe that in order to help usher in a more just, more humane, and more spiritually and environmentally conscious society, we need to find or develop new ground upon which we can stand and grow. We believe that this new ground, this terra nova, is created in a number of different ways:

  • Through the groundbreaking work and missions of the organizations and community groups with whom we work.
  • Through the heart-centered way that we work with our clients, founded upon relationship and connection and the principles listed above.
  • And by supporting the emergence of new forms in the world, new ways in which people work together, and new ways in which we think about our role in society and our place upon the Earth.

We are grateful to all of you who are part of this movement and we look forward to working with you.

Principles of Our Work

Our work is founded upon some basic principles:

  • Earth-based: Human beings and human society are a part of the natural world. As such we are inherently connected to our environment and all of the other forms of life upon the Earth. We express ourselves through our physical bodies, as well as our emotional, psychological, and spiritual lives.
  • Connection: We are all connected, and so what is best for the whole is also what is best for each individual.
  • Inclusivity: Everyone has a right to their opinion and to their voice being heard by their community, group or organization. Each voice brings something of value.
  • Self-responsibility: We cannot bring leadership or support for the other unless we first look after ourselves
  • Integrity: How we do our work, how we relate to each other, how we relate to all of life on Earth is as important as, and is reflective of, the outcome of our work.
  • Social Responsibility: We are committed to dismantling within ourselves and the people with whom we work all forms of oppression and colonization, both individually and institutionally. A vital aspect of social responsibility is understanding the ground upon which we stand.
  • Relationship: Violence in action or language has no place in progressive organizations and communities, nor in the work of leadership and conflict resolution.
  • Authenticity: Deeply held and passionately expressed opinions do have their place, and indeed are necessary.
  • Compassion: Each of us comes to our work and our action in the world with our own beautiful and mysterious life story. Who we are is a product of that life story and our innate spirit, and we each have a right to be who we are without being judged.